Pinacle - Fully integrated accountancy practice software
Fully integrated accountancy practice software.

Pinacle is a full suite of accountant's software, which integrates accountancy practice data in a single Oracle™ client database. Applications include final accounts generation, taxation, practice management, bureau payroll and book-keeping.

Pinacle has been widely used by accountants in the UK since 1984 and they have enjoyed :-

  • full integration of all applications, saving their time and eliminating transcription errors
  • low annual cost of ownership for annual upgrades and support
  • state-of-the-art software which is robust and reliable
  • friendly and prompt support from a small team of experts
  • processing of an unlimited number of clients at no extra cost

Product portfolio

Product portfolio

Modules of Pinacle may be purchased separately as required and each module builds towards a fully integrated system. Modules include :-

  • final accounts production which generates sole trader accounts, partnership accounts and optionally company accounts, trust accounts, LLP accounts, doctor's accounts
  • personal taxation, partnership taxation and optionally company taxation and trust tax
  • practice management which includes time recording, fees ledger and client management
  • bureau payroll and book-keeping
Accounts software

Accounts software

Pinacle accounts has a unique interface which enables quick but very flexible accounts generation of final accounts. The standard package contains sole trader accounts and partnership accounts. Optional additions provide for company accounts, doctor's accounts, trust accounts, LLP accounts and investment syndicate accounts. Company accounts can be generated in iXBRL format.

Taxation software

Taxation software

Pinacle tax provides simple, quick and powerful processing of client's tax compliance work. The standard package contains personal taxation and partnership taxation. Optional additions provide for company taxation and trust tax. Tax computations can be generated in iXBRL format.

Practice management software

Practice management software

Pinacle practice management software employs the power and flexibility of its Oracle™ database to provide facilities for :-

  • time recording of client work and flexible reporting of WIP and fees
  • management of flow of client work through the practice
  • fees ledger
Payroll software

Bureau payroll software

Pinacle payroll software has a unique design to accommodate the requirements of accountants operating a bureau service. The Oracle™ database is employed to allow payroll data to be accessed for up to 99 years so that duplicate reports and corrections are easily made and reports are very flexible and may overlap payroll years.

Book keeping software

Bureau book-keeping software

Pinacle book-keeping software provides facilities for accountants to provide their clients with services for :-

  • Sales ledger
  • Purchase ledger
  • Nominal ledger

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