Taxation - Key features

TaxationA unique single point of data entry for all types of tax return for any tax year means that the system is easily learnt and simple to use. You choose the same option to enter data for a personal, partnership or trust tax return or a CT600 or an R40 or an SA303 or a 64-8. The data entry merely consists of filling in appropriate tax return boxes eg: name of business, state pension or entering data for schedules eg: share name and dividend. The layout of the data entry screen follows the layout of the appropriate tax return and any tax return box that can be calculated from other data is calculated for you and highlighted.

Allied to this method of data entry, is a simple tax return navigation system that enables you to review client's tax data in a straightforward fashion. This is especially valuable and quick when reviewing a client job for errors or omissions. There are also checking facilities, which highlight data entered last year but not this year.

The year end procedure flags boxes requiring data entry in the following year, so that data entry in the following year consists of reviewing data and changing it. For new data, the system provides a search/find facility for automatically locating data entry fields by name or number eg: find screen(s) on which ‘Dividends’ or ‘Date of birth’ occurs.