Practice management - Fees ledger

Practice managementPinacle fees ledger maintains a sales ledger for the practice based on a powerful database of transactions. The fees ledger will combine with the book-keeping purchase and nominal ledgers to form a complete, integrated accounts system for the practice. Uniquely, the client details stored in the database are used within the fees, purchase and nominal ledgers and hence no separate definition of ‘customer’ is required.

Integration extends to the ability to produce reports by partner/manager/ department eg: aged debtor listings.

Pinacle fees ledger includes the following:

  • Simple correction of mistakes, even in a previous month.
  • Multiple years of ledger optionally available for review/comparison.
  • Cash or invoice accounting for VAT with transition reports.
  • Invoice generation using standard narrative and database entries.
  • Standard reports including sales day book, aged debtors, statements, VAT report etc.
  • Pro-forma invoices.
  • Auto-calculation of interest on overdue accounts.
  • Settlement discounts.
  • Option multi-currency operation with EC sales lists.
  • Fee analysis reports.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Standing orders database and checking.
  • Multiple bank accounts.
  • Links to 3rd party products to generate overdue account letters etc.