Accounts - Sole Traders

Pinacle Accounts Pinacle is supplied with a set of masters for incomplete records which can be used for both sole traders and partnerships.

The intelligence in the format determines amongst other things, whether a sole trader or partnership set of accounts is to be generated.

The format provides the following as standard:

  • Choice of accountant’s report
  • Draft or final accounts
  • First year accounts (no comparatives)
  • Automatic page and note numbering
  • Choice of layout for fixed asset note
  • Schedule of postings to self-employment pages tax return for checking purposes
  • Year or period accounts
  • Income and expenditure accounts only (no balance sheet)
  • Optional analytical review
  • Automatic calculation of ‘disallowed’ expenses for transcription to the tax return.

All the above may be amended to suit individual requirements in terms of content, layout and font using standard facilities supplied with Pinacle.