Accounts - Key features

Pinacle Accounts Transaction data is entered into Pinacle through a single point of entry which structures the data into batches. Batches can be used to store groups of associated transactions eg: a client’s trial balance, bankings, sales for a month, an audit adjustment etc. The use of batches simplifies data input and clarifies the input trail when viewing the ledger.

Once entered, transactions may be amended or deleted as required, new batches may be created etc. so that transactions may reflect exactly what is intended. The data entry is simple and consistent, with pop-up windows to make all relevant data available during input. For example, nominal account codes may be amended for the particular client during the input process. Search facilities are available in the pop-up windows to find particular data eg: search for ‘heat’ in nominal codes to show all those with containing the given character string. Field locking enables you to optimise the input screen to minimise key strokes where repeated fields are required eg: repeated narrative ‘Opening balances’, same transaction date etc.

Apart from transaction data, the only other information which needs to be entered into Pinacle is the ‘variable’ client database information. This contains such information as the business name, partner names and shares, director shareholdings etc and items which control the generation of accounts eg: whether the company is a ‘first year’, whether an analytical review is required etc.

When this data has been supplied, Pinacle can supply the following:

  • Trial balance
  • Ledger
  • Input trail
  • Accounts which may be edited
  • Accounts for companies output in iXBRL format
  • Output in PDF for e-mail to clients
  • Output to third party software eg: spreadsheets

Pinacle accounts is supplied with a set of masters for controlling the way in which transactions are posted and accounts are produced. A set of masters consists of the following:

  • Nominal coding plan
  • Format
  • Variable data entries
  • Period end instructions

Full access to these masters is available in Pinacle so that you may customise them to your own requirements. The period end instructions option is a unique feature allowing control of the processing performed at period end. For example, instructions may be issued to set the ‘final accounts’ flag back to ‘draft accounts’ for the following year/period.