Accounts - Integration & Efficiency

Pinacle Accounts Pinacle Accounts is fully integrated with other modules of Pinacle to save time and data entry: you only enter client data once. The integration also eradicates errors that would be introduced through the transcription of accounts data to the corresponding tax return.

Time is also saved by:

  • Intelligent formats which minimise/eliminate the need to edit final accounts
  • Simple data entry with single point of entry for all types of transaction data
  • Input data field locking to minimise user key strokes
  • Search facilities in pop-up windows to quickly identify or modify associated client data
  • The unique period end instructions enable Pinacle to produce an accurate opening balance batch which needs no editing and sets other database entries ready for the next year
  • A unique feature to ‘undo’ a period end actioned in error
  • A unique feature to perform a period end on previous years which recalculates the opening balance batch for the following year
  • Auto calculation of depreciation charge totals in accounts from fixed asset register entries