About us

Pinacle accountsThe company was founded in 1981 following on from the consultancy operations of a partnership formed in 1979. The new company focused on providing bespoke software to various types of company ranging from engineering design to accountancy.

In 1984 it was decided to produce an accounts generation system for accountants in practice to operate in a multi-user environment on mini-computers. This was the first software ‘product’ developed by the company which was designed to be sold more than once into a clearly defined market.

The accounts package was followed by time recording in 1988, which built on the client database and was also designed from the outset to have multi-user capabilities. The theme of integration of all developed packages was begun here and continued for all following software.

The next addition was a fees ledger module to add to time recording as the beginning of a practice management suite. A full bureau book-keeping and payroll system were added by the end of 1989 and all software was converted to run on PCs under DOS as well as multi-user under UNIX.

A client management system was added in 1990 to complete the practice management suite and work begun on a personal taxation system. By 1993, the first taxation system was available and work begun on converting all the software to Windows and in 1995 the accounts, taxation, practice management, bureau book-keeping and payroll systems were available.

Company tax was added in 1999 and all software made available under Linux as well as Windows. The ability to run a full suite of accountancy practice software under Linux is unique.

Since that time a continual program of improvements has been implemented to add facilities which have been requested and suggested by clients.

More recently the software has been converted to use the powerful Oracle™ database system. This development improves the overall efficiency of using the system and provides the user with standard facilities to use the Pinacle data in third party software eg: spreadsheets. At the same time an option to run the software with screens of a ‘modern’ look and feel has been introduced whilst keeping a ‘classic’ version for those who prefer it.

Registered Company Number: 1500664

VAT Number: 355 8451 32